Free Will Verses Willingness


Free Will can be like a poisonous flower; pretty to look at but potentially dangerous to hold if not handled properly. In all my efforts to escape life unscathed, my greatest struggles have come from exercising my free Will. However, there is just as much order to our struggles as there is with our experiences of joy. The mind projects its’ opinions onto life’s experiences with sheer ruthlessness. It doesn’t understand the larger context of life. Conversely, our soul is an unbiased witness to our life; its’ nature is free and unattached to all of our endeavors. Free Will from my perspective is not permission to wildly chase our desires in an effort to satisfy our ego. Chasing desires is a fruitless pursuit which bastardizes the purpose of having free Will.  The Will of my soul is much different than the will of my mind. My soul understands the duties that I agreed to in this life and is impartial to them.  From the position of being impartial, we are able to commit to our life’s duties with fewer interruptions of the egos demands.

Surrender the Will of your Mind

Allowing our minds to create our lives can lead us down difficult roads. I once read, “Difficult roads lead to beautiful places”. Surrendering our Will takes us off the difficult road and puts us in beautiful places. By surrendering our Will, we may set forth a flurry of action in our minds. The very idea of surrendering our Will is counter intuitive to the infrastructure of the mind/ego. The mind has a contingency plan for survival build into it, so any sign of us abandoning it sounds the alarm for our ego to pick up its’ sword and to prepare itself for battle. The ego has no tolerance for surrender, for surrender is the beginning of the end to its’ existence. Surrender to some means that we are giving up; surrender to me is turning our attention to the source of all power, it is asking God to take over and guide us. Free Will is the choice to choose whatever path we want to pursue in our lives. With the choice comes responsibility to ask yourself, “Does this serve my soul or am I fulfilling a desire?”

Where does God fit into all this and does God actually have a Will for us? During one stage of our consciousness we appear to be a separate fragment from God, having this human experience. As we transcend into deeper states of consciousness, the dichotomy of us and God disappears. God and the “I”[i] are no longer two things; there is only one thing and that is God. God has a will. God is the “I”; God’s Will is carried out throughout one’s lifetime. However, God does not require nor want anything from us. By giving God humanistic traits, we reduce God to fit into our minds, we reduce the Omniscient to the finite nature of being human. This is nothing more than a fantasy of the ego; trying to weigh and measure what is beyond measure. The Will of God is playing out, to and through us always. Nothing is outside of God. God is not sitting and waiting for us to do what God wants. Hoping and praying we see her and find it in our little hearts to follow God. Gods will, will be done. We have less control over our lives than we might wish to believe. No matter how chaotic our viewpoint of life is, the fact still remains that there is order to the world. As we expand our consciousness, the order of life becomes more palpable to us. In our awakenings to a deeper truth, there are many beautiful partial truths to abandon along the way.

In effort to serve the Will of my soul I have surrendered the Will of my mind and turned my life over to God to handle. There is a city of gold in you; it resides in the heart of your being. When you arrive to this place within, you will find all the prophecies of your life here on earth. All that is written for you resides within. When we touch this place we then know what we are to do. We then gain insight to our true destiny. There is an absolute knowing /knowledge in you that is waiting for your attention. This knowing in you is what you are here to do and is willing to guide every step you take. There is not a single thing that has been left out of in the prophecies laying within your heart/soul. Every step of your path has been pre-recorded inside you. We have the freedom to choose this for ourselves. By making the choice to enter into the path that has been laid out for us, we then become the right hand of God. Free Will is no longer the object of our affection. By choosing to live our destiny, we then engage life from the perspective of being willing. We are willing to surrender, and keep surrendering ourselves over to God.

Deepening our Surrender of Mind, to Allow the Will of God

True surrender is more than just letting go; to deeply surrender, we must make a covenant with ourselves to surrender our body, mind, spirit and soul. In that surrender we need to be willing to do whatever it takes to follow through with our God’s guidance. Anything less than one hundred percent commitment signals lack of trust, thereby giving fear the power to reside within us. This new position enables us to not only to make a deeper commitment to God; it also makes more room for a deeper seated presence of God and the moment we are in to enter our lives.  One of the minds commentaries that disables our ability to surrender is, “I know, I know, I know”; it runs like a tape loop, because our mind thinks and believes that we know everything. This renders us less capable of surrender. The constant bombardment of “I knows” in our mind interrupts the moment we are in and it keeps us locked into our head. In surrender, we admit that we don’t know, and that we are open be guided by God. This places us in a position to dance with the unknown and live life as an adventure with God. Thus, returning us back to our natural state of Innocence. Just because we know about something also doesn’t mean we have reached to end of our learning on the topic. Remember, there are many beautiful partial truths to abandon. Being willing in life asks us to allow what is present in our path, without the need to reject what is meant for us. There is nothing left on the level of the mind to explore. Every possible road in the mind of man has been traveled. God’s guidance gets louder and clearer the more we surrender and listen. Our destiny is to follow God into the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. With true surrender, we find ourselves in a much deeper place of devotion, a devotion to God that is solid and stable. By giving our devotion to God, this gives us a place to direct our attention; we no longer need to look outside of ourselves for the guidance we need in our lives. We move into what I refer to as a “ceaseless staying with God”. This is the gateway to entering Heaven on earth. Passing through this gate places us into an entire new dimension of God. Heaven on earth is more than a possibility; it is a solid and stable reality that is here now, and is meant for you and me to discover. It is a dimension in ourselves that can be discovered by anyone who comes to it with an earnest heart. It’s not a faraway place that is inaccessible or revealed to the chosen few. It is for all of us to enter and explore.


“I” is used to define the true self that is without ego.

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