In This Moment…


Life is happening in a series of moments; we move from one moment to the next. The idea is to be aware and capture all the moments of our lives. I have missed huge blocks of moments in my life being stuck in my mind. What happened in the moments that I can’t remember? What is the moment and how do we stay anchored into it? By missing the moments of our lives we lose out on so much of what life has to offer us and what we have to offer the world. This moment now contains more than you may realize. The depth and wonder that’s here now is beyond any words that can describe it. On the surface this moment may seem mundane or just like any other moment but the truth is, when we enter into this moment fully, we access peace, divine presence, wisdom and intuition. The hand of God is resting on your shoulder right now; it offers us direction and love that’s beyond our minds conception.

This moment here now is like no other; it is full of all the right things we require for us to be home with God. When we come to the moment without worry or fear along with the willingness to be completely engulfed by it, we bring the presence of God here now. One of the more meaningful connections we can make in life is the connection to the moment we are in. By being grounded and anchored into this moment we then have the ability to see and experience all that is front of us. Our engagement with life is enhanced when we become present with the moment we are in. I can see that parts of my life were out of context with the moment; my interaction and responses to the moment were not always applicable to the moment at hand. Missing the moment and being out of context happens more often when we get stuck in our heads; by getting lost in our thoughts, our attention to the moment at hand slips away from us.  The mind has a strong propensity to predict and judge everything that is happening in the moment or what needs to happen in a future moment. It then projects its’ assumptions and thinks it knows what’s going to happen next based on our past experiences.

By releasing the mind of this duty we then allow ourselves to become innocent with the moment and allow what is really happening to be as it is, without our projections and expectations placed upon it. There are no two moments alike, but to be lost in our heads projecting probable outcomes we then only see our past and completely miss what is truly happening right now. Our worry and fears are great distractions that keep us from being in the moment. Worry and fears come from our mind and unusually have nothing to do with the moment at all.

By allowing what this moment has to offer, we allow the sacredness of this moment to reveal itself to us. There are thousands of angels lining up the moments of our lives and all we need to do is just stay present and give ourselves over to the moment. All that we ever need is always on its’ way to us; that’s why life is truly a gift to us. We are blessed and gifted in every moment of our days. Miracles are constantly in motion all around us. There is a constant presence of spirit with us, the angles are constantly at work, guiding and moving all the right things into focus for us to look at. We need to become present enough to see what’s being put in place for us, so that we can fulfill our purpose here on earth. Waste no time; there really isn’t a moment to spare in our lives. What if this was your last day on earth would you spend it sleeping or would you seize the moment?

When you look back to all your greatest moments in life the one thing you will notice is that in those moments you were completely surrendered to the moment you were in. Returning and surrendering to the moment starts with bringing your focus here now. There is nothing ever wrong with the moment at hand; there is perfection in this moment, nothing that needs to be different. No matter how perfect the moment is, your mind will always want for more or something different. This is just what the mind does; pay no attention to it and return your focus to the here and now. By letting go of the desire of wanting more, contentment automatically arises within us. Address this moment like there is no past or future and pretend that every person, place or thing you encounter, is completely new to you.

When we step into this moment now, we step into all of Eternity. By completely embracing this moment now we become utterly and completely timeless.  The past and future has already happened. The reason being is that this very moment expands backwards and forwards into all of eternity. All that has ever been and will ever be is here and happening right now in this very moment. We are held in the place we are in by our consciousness, not by time or date. It appears to the mind that we are moving along in a linear fashion, but this is not the case at all. We are in this place right now because this is where your consciousness lays; also everything around you is suspended by your consciousness of it. Everything around you is held here because it’s sustained in yours or another person’s field of awareness. You or another has called upon the formless to create the form that you see all around you right now.

In this moment right now there are a thousand roads in front of us, every one of these roads are paths that we have already gone down, because the future has already happened and we are just catching up to it. Where you find yourself is where your consciousness lays. If you are struggling in your life, the path you will consciously show up in will be an arduous road; if your consciousness is anchored in peace and joy, that will be your path. In this moment we have the power to change not only the future but the past as well. This moment now adjusts the past and future according to what’s present in your consciousness. The choices we make down the road places things in front of us now. That’s why we don’t always know why things happen in life; it’s because of the future choices we will make. Adjust what is happing now in our lives.  Over the years I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason; this is why things happen that we don’t understand; it’s because the things that we will be doing in the future start showing up in our lives before it even happens.  This is why it’s so important to place yourself in this moment and flow with life rather than against it. The reason is always just around the corner.

The past and future has already happened, although it is not concrete; it can change in any given moment. I still remember my first day of class in my second year at Western University. The professor got up and said to the class, “…time is not what you think it is. What you do know can change the past.” Most of the students had a very stunned look on their face. He then told us about a study where they had students study before an exam, before and after an exam, then another group only studied after the exam and then they had students that did not study at all before taking the exam. The results were conclusive. The students that studied before and after did the best and the students that studied after taking the exam did better than the ones that didn’t study at all. Hence imperial proof that the past is changeable by what we do in the future.  We try to hold the past and future in place, within our mind, however our mind doesn’t have the capacity to fully grasp what is happening right now let alone what happened in the past or what’s to be in the future. What we are holding is a very limited version of what is here and what’s been. Your spirit will understand this because it has the ability to see all that is here now.

Being present with this moment calls us to place our full attention to the here and now, when we do that we just might catch the sacredness of each moment before it passes us by.

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