Loving the world


Love is an ever expanding quality of life that grows within us every time we give it away. Its expansion enriches our lives and enlivens our connection with others. Often we hold back our love and reserve it for a select few we call family, friends or our partners. To hold back our love and to restrict it to a select few diminishes our ability to tap into a much larger aspect of love.

God is much larger than love itself, however love is a divine quality of God. Much like consciousness enables peace to enter our lives, a deep connection with the stillness/God enables love to permeate us. Love is God in motion.

Any time we share our love with another there is an automatic presence of God in the moment you’re in. For many years I covered my heart and withheld my love in fear of getting hurt. I didn’t realize that in the process of restricting myself I was closing to door for more love to enter my life.

The love I was willing to share was a love that needed. It had many conditions attached to it. It was a love that needed acceptance and anytime I gave my love to someone I expected them to give it right back to me. This kind of love actually takes more than it gives. Where unconditional love gives and never needs or takes.

Unconditional love is a powerful force that can transform people. We must expand our consciousness to have access to this kind of love.  When we learn the ability to love unconditionally we then have the potential to transmute lower levels of consciousness in others just by remaining still and present.

When we observe people acting out and projecting their stress or anger onto us this is a good time for us to practice unconditional love. When people act out it’s a good indication that they are most likely in the need of our love.

By not taking other people’s problems personally we have the ability to stand back and just hold them in perfect love. When we do this we provide a safe environment for others to heal. It also allows them to rise up to a greater potential within themselves.

Many times I have lashed out to people when they have caused me grief, nothing good has ever come out of that. I’m reminded of a story I once read in a Buddhist text. Buddha was being harassed by a person in the crowd one day while he was teaching.

The antagonist kept yelling throughout his entire teaching. A person in the crowd asks Buddha why don’t you get rid of this guy yelling at you and Buddha’s response was “If someone offers you a gift you’re not willing to receive, to whom does it belong”?

In the times I’ve been able to hold people in love what tends to happen is either they leave or they soften and melt in my presence.

If you find it hard to practice unconditional love with strangers than a good place to start is in your relationship with your partner. However in my life I had the tendency to treat strangers better than my partners at times. We tend to be harder on the people closest to us. Giving unconditional love to our partners brings harmony into our relationship.

In my relationships I loved my partner the way that I wanted to be loved. It never occurred to me that my partner needed me to love them the way they needed to be loved. I just figured that if I loved them in the way I like to be loved than that would be good for them.

I learned that my partners needed a unique kind of love. Your partners love language will be different than yours. We need to learn their special language to give them what they require.

Not what we think is good enough. Again just giving them what we want to give rather than loving our partner the way they need tends to be more selfish than giving.

[i]This reminds me of a book I read called “Conversations with God, Book 2” by Neale Donald Walsch, he wrote “Love gives all and requires nothing”. Unconditional love is a love that gives all that it can and it does now wait in anticipation for its return.

When I am able to rest in unconditional love I have noticed is that it I don’t pass judgments onto people. When I’m resting in this space, I see myself in others.

By observing myself in others it allows me to become more compassionate. We require nothing to give our love to others. A beggar on the street is just as capable to giving unconditional love as a rich person in their mansion. We lose nothing but we gain the world when we give our love.

Open your heart and door for others and love them as you would want to be loved, and then watch the miracles take place around you.

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